One “Sorry” Church – Should Churches Apologize for Speaking Out Against Sin?

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“Is the church wrong and judgmental for claiming that abortion and homosexuality are sins and contending against them? Pastor Richard Mark Lee of the Family Church in Sugar Hill, Georgia thinks so. What did he do about it? He apologized to the unchurched for being judgmental during a highly publicized church service.

We think that Pastor Richard should also apologize on behalf of God for destroying the earth by flood because of men’s wickedness, destroying Sodom and Gomorah, plaguing the Egyptians and killing their first born, destroying Korah and those who followed him, killing everyone in Jericho, and killing the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel for their false religion.”

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“One Sorry Church” article, by Chris Rosebrough

Original Article on the Pastor of Family Church’s campaign to apologize for church’s judgmentalism.

Confessions of the Family Church series

“Sorry, Our Apologies” mp3 sermon

Ladies and gentlemen, indeed too…

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