The Soldier Who Killed a King

This is going to be a great read!

I love the Psalms

It’s very gratifying to have reputable people say good things about a book you have written. The following endorsements mean a lot to me:

“The best book I have read in years. A compelling read—I couldn’t put it down.” Doug Sprunt, One Way Ministries

“The most gripping account of the crucifixion I have ever read.” Wilf Wight, eastern Ontario district director, Canadian Bible Society

Soldier 800kb New from David Kitz and Kregel Publishing — now available for preorder

“I was at the foot of the cross. I stepped inside the empty tomb. This book took me there.” Robert DuBroy, cofounder of CHRI-FM, Ottawa, Ontario

“An awesome read: captivating, spellbinding, inspiring! Through the author’s masterful writing, the centurion stood out as a real and personable individual. . . . The book also helped me visualize Jesus, my Savior, and his person and work for the forgiveness of my sins, for my daily walk…

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