No Lesser or Greater Sin in the Ten Commandments

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There is error disguised as a common self righteous proclamation that adultery and murder of the Ten Commandments is the greater of sins.

There is no excuse and hyperbole intended of the tongue having the capacity for unrestrained negative, vulgar, profane, offensive, deceitful and hurtful utterances. This in turn shapes physical action and is in no way different from the verbal utterance of lying, false witness and murder by the tongue itself or sin thereof.
There is no justifying one over the other in cyclical blaming one over another. The latter is an open door. When the intangible, evil spirit of a demon makes a suggestion, it speaks to a readied ear to self harm or harm another by means of any of the sins in the Ten Commandments.

No commandment path taken by sin stands alone but happens in simultaneous and or chain event fashion.
All of it is…

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